Fantasy Author of The Kalila Chronicles

Reader's Comments



Viktor was my favorite character. He is a character that you can really relate to as a human. The inner struggle of good versus evil, right versus wrong, really comes out through him. You can't help but root for him throughout the whole book, even though he is on the wrong side of it all. He was the character throughout the book that I just had to know (and couldn't put it down until I knew) what battle or side was going to win him!

Also, his quote really hits home in my heart, to make sure I'm not on the fence, where I can be easily swayed to the side that I would never knowingly choose!



Matthias is well known by both angels and demons as a skilled warrior, and devoted protector that will do whatever it takes to keep his charges safe.  He carries the memory of every human he has been responsible for, the ones he’s saved, and the ones he’s lost.



Although Thea is very capable and quick witted, she struggles to feel sure of herself as she learns to use her gift, get answers to questions about her past, and ultimately, to get to Bethesda. Throughout The Seer you can’t help but feel like you’re part of her unlikely group of allies-from Heaven, Hell, and a few places in-between! 



Sam is my favorite character so far. He tends to work behind the scenes as a protector, always ready to help Thea. His gifts and knowledge have me curious to learn more about his story.

Sentinel Cobb:

Sentinel Cobb is a mysterious character and I hope to find out more about his past and how that made him the man is today. He carries the balance of the world on his shoulders along with those he trains.