Faith in Fiction Devotional: Divergents, Tributes, Games, & Sandworms

What could the Hunger Games teach us about God? How about the Gospel according to cyberpunk stories or the messianic themes evident in Dune?

This book takes the star-flung, technological, and bestselling works of famous speculative fiction series and teaches biblical lessons alongside the text of beloved stories. Drawing on many different series, six different authors share their faith and insight using both Scripture and classic tales from science fiction and fantasy.

Christians love fantasy and sci-fi. It’s okay to geek out with us. Here, we imagine that John’s glasses had tape on the middle, Peter’s pocket protector got wet after walking on the Galilee, and Jesus saves and rolls for half damage.

Journey through the Old Testament with divergents and visit the New Testament through the Enderverse. Whether you’re looking for the perfect nerdvotional or trying to impart biblical wisdom to friends who lean away from Scripture but towards popular speculative fiction, this book is right for you!

Authors: Christopher D. Schmitz, Brandon M. Wilborn, Erin R. Howard, Kerry Nietz, Yaasha Moriah, and K.A. Baumann

Publisher: TreeShaker Books 

Available in: Kindle, Paperback


Published: May 10, 2020