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Latest News & Upcoming books

The Silencer

Released on 2/4/20 and now The Kalila Chronicles is complete! 

Faith in Fiction: Divergents, Tributes, Games, & Sandworms

Book two of a collaborative devotional written by speculative authors. My part of the devotional is looking at The Hunger Games and my series, The Kalila Chronicles. Releases this summer! 

Beyond the Gates

My current WIP is a dystopian novel called Beyond the Gates. Here is the synopsis.

If playing by the rules means it keeps you alive, then seventeen-year-old Renna James should have known better. She is, after all, the one who broadcasts these rules to the Outpost. She only wanted to venture outside of the gates, not get locked out. Now, Renna’s one chance to survive the next twenty-four hours just ran into the forest she’s forbidden to enter. 

Novella Series

A brand new YA urban fantasy series in the same story world as The Kalila Chronicles, but with new characters and societies! I'm currently writing book one. 

Window of Time

Book three in a trilogy with two other authors. Mine is a dystopian romance. More details coming soon!

Once Upon a Page

A new YouTube channel with two of my author friends, where we discuss all things bookish and writing.